SCRATCH is an ongoing concert series for improvised music based at Storiel art gallery in Bangor and curated by Ash Cooke. The gigs aim to encourage an open dialogue among audiences, musicians and artists, building dynamics that may not have formed organically otherwise.


The emphasis is very much on performance as art/action/event!


SCRATCH is dedicated to the practise of improvised music, contemporary composition and performance art.


Unfortuately due to the Covid outbreak last year all of our planned events had to be cancelled but we aim to return bigger and stronger in 2021. Until then please scroll down to view videos of previous shows.

SCRATCH #2 took place on Wed 26th Feb 2020. Amazing performances were given by  -

The Marmaladies - Katherine Betteridge and Sioned Eleri Roberts aided by the one and only Rhys Trimble. 










And the fantastic Alan Chamberlain and Ash Cooke (Chow Mwng)







SCRATCH #1 was  held on Wed November 13th 2019 at Storiel gallery in Bangor and featured improvised sets from Jim Knight, Richard Craig, Simon Proffit and Ash Cooke. Video links can be found below.











































Many thanks to SDG Productions for their help in documenting the event