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After gaining a fine art degree at Falmouth University in the mid 90's I initally assumed that a career in painting lay ahead. However, the prospect of courting the interest of London art dealers and the whole culture behind the gallery system never really appealed to me much. Over the years I've always to continued to paint and draw using my work in conjunction with the various music projects that I've been involved with. I seldom talk much about my visual work so below is a short statement about my interests & approach.



I am interested in the fundamentals of painting; the stuff & the texture of art making. The building blocks of the discipline. My paintings seek to reflect this, they acknowledge their own materiality and physicality, promoting their essential nature above all else.

Compositions are built using “automatic” drawings. These twisting and interlacing lines to my mind allow ideas in the subconscious mind to express, or at least suggest themselves to the conscious. From this mass of shapes and energies an idea is selected and brought forward to full growth and power. By these means it seems to suggest that the depths of memory can be drawn upon and the springs of instinct tapped.
These works are like maps, contours, mnemonic aids. Tools for self-development


The manner in which I paint seeks to establish the painting as an object. Compositional layers imply depth, creating a landscape waiting to be occupied. The images that emerge on the surface of the paintings never stray far from the elemental; the illusion of a three dimensional structure never stops being a flat area of paint. My paintings are visual as opposed to conceptual; it is what they are, rather than what they are about, that is important’

To view more of my work please check out my Instagram account

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