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1998 - 2017

When Derrero took a break in 2001 I continued to compose music that centred around conventional arrangements but it was the pallet of sounds that I had first developed in my teens that returned to me and interested  me the most. Cheap instruments found sound and noise mixed with ambient spill creating a sonic like autobiography.


I had a clear idea that I wanted to develop a new music for myself with a simple minimal approach and to look beyond the traditional use of the guitar for something new to say.


To be able to develop this new musical language I had to deconstruct a lot of what I had learnt in my 20's in order to try and understand the guitar in a different way. The process involved pulling apart the conventional idea of a verse/chorus structure in song writing and finally abandoning general structure altogether. I began to favour using the recording process to collage sections of sound together which then developed into the desire to freely improvise those sections then finally into just pure improvisation.


Roughly 33 Pulco albums all archived on Bandcamp


Selected Reviews

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